Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Gully

This ugly monolith sits at the edge of an old swimming lake in The Gully (officially Frank Walford Park) and behind the Katoomba Aquatic Centre.

The Gully was given back in 2005 to the Gundungurra and Darug peoples after they were forcibly removed for the building of Catalina Raceway (remnants still remain) in 1957. You can read more about this area here: Catalina Park/The Gully and here: Blue Mountains Local Studies Blog

I recently used this grotto for a performance work, you can see stills of the dvd on my blog: - '1 million years' is currently showing at NCCA in Darwin.

Mount Victoria

Yesterday morning provided strangely misty and sunny moments so I drove to Mt.Victoria to the old 'Imperial Park & Museum' to photograph the strange cluster of grottoes that live in the park opposite the Imperial Hotel. 

Apparently they were part of a native animal zoo built in the 1930s. Have a look at Kara Smith's blog for (a little more) information - Mt Vic & me Blog

Monday, 17 March 2014

Echo Point

This grotto is possibly the most well kept grotto in Katoomba, it also has a fantastic view over the mountains. 

It was a pretty hot summer's day when we met two guys who were just about to use the grotto for their afternoon Asr prayer to Mecca, it was cool in that grotto.